Excel modelers are expert in developing excel based models and VBA tools. We develop a varied range of tools in excel including – Financial Models, trading strategy models, SQL based automated reporting models, energy audit tools and platforms, Business logic and functional models, Language translation tools, Project management tools and models, Training and Learning modules and any other algorithm related modeling tools. Excelmodelers’ Team has gained expertise and varied clientage across the globe over past 8 years and we continue to get excellent feedback from our clients.

Video Demonstrations of some tools developed by Excelmodelers:

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Financial Modeling:

With strong educational background in mathematics and financial analysis, team excelmodelers have gained expertise in financial modeling with years of working with investment traders, auditors, financial planners to create their own financial models. Some of the examples related to excel modeling in financial domain are mentioned below.

Client Asset Data Management

Excel VBA Futures Prediction Model

Tradesim – Trading automation

Excel License protection Tool

Business Process Modeling and Automation:

Excel Modelers have been working with business professionals across the globe to help them a) create business validation models using cash flow analysis, b) automate regular activities like data import through servers and MIS reporting, c) analyze large sets of data for business planning, d) create marketing reports, e) create demographic reports, d) create customer analysis etc.

Multiuser Job Task Management

Project Actions Management

Data Importing, Processing and Reporting

Interactive Userform and Automated Reporting

Time based Modeling Simulation:

Excel Modelers have created dynamic simulations in excel based on advanced mathematical models and equations. Some examples are: a) simulation of fire spread in a forest, b) charging / discharging of a photovoltic cell, c) simulation of horse betting game, d) Stock/Futures/options Prediction using Linear programming techniques.

Fire Spread Simulation in a Forest