Our Experts

Excelmodelers is a team of highly enthusiast people who want to do something different. We will rock your model and will simulate your ideas into reality! Check out the experts leading the team and of course there are other super enthusiasts who don’t get mention here but are an integral part of the Excelmodelers team.

Excelmodelers’ team comprises of IIT Delhi alumni who have got experience working in firms like Lehman Brothers, Novartis, Sulzer, Tata Interactive Systems. The team has been working and researching on some critical aspects of excel modeling for more than 8 years and has come up with some excellent and very useful methods to reduce run time of VBA macros, reduce size of heavy workbooks, handle large data set in excel and create user friendly interfaces.

MANOJ GUPTA B. Tech. in chemical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in year 2007. Since then, has worked as a financial/statistical analyst and excel VBA modeler, for firms like Lehman Brothers, Barclays, Mckinsey and Tata Interactive Systems for more than 7 years. This experience has led Manoj through some critical aspects of excel modeling which he would like to share through Excelmodeler.com. Working with Manoj has been a unique experience for his clients, since math/data modelling and algorithm development is Manoj’s passion and relation building is his hobby.
ANKUR BANSAL B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. It has been Ankur’s passion to work on excel modeling and he has worked in the past at reputed firms like Novartis Pharma, Sulzer Chemtech to automate business processes, build engineering models and calculation sheets. Other work examples by Ankur include Automated Trading Application, Fire spread model in a forest, Multi-user task management application, Automated Reporting using SQL and VBA.

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