Find text file using VBA

Function: Find text file in computer using VBA

This function returns True or False based on whether the file was found in the specified drive (located on a local drive or network)

Public Function FindMyFile(FileAddress As Variant, FileNm As Variant)

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

‘ Code Written & Published by Excelmodelers ( 19 Dec 12

Dim WbF As Workbook

Dim objFSOF As FileSystemObject

Dim objFolderF As Folder

Dim objFileF As File

Dim FileNameArrF() As String


Set objFSOF = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)

Set objFolderF = objFSOF.GetFolder(FileAddress)


If Not objFolderF.Files.Count = 0 Then

ReDim FileNameArrF(1 To objFolderF.Files.Count)

jF = 1

For Each objFileF In objFolderF.Files

FileNameArrF(jF) = objFileF.Name

jF = jF + 1

Next objFileF


ReDim FileNameArrF(1 To 1)

End If


If IsError(Application.Match(FileNm, FileNameArrF, 0)) Then

FindMyFile = False


FindMyFile = True

End If

End Function


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