Fee & Payrolls Management

  1. Define Fee Structure for all classes
  2. Define Fine Structure
  3. Define additional Fee Types for any class (e.g. for extra curricular activities, school facilities etc)
  4. Allow Fee Concession and Scholarships for special cases
  5. Notify Parents by SMS/Email on Fee Schedule, delays
  6. Fee Collection Entry
  7. Print Fee Receipt
  8. Reports: Fee Collection, Fine Collection, Defaulters List, Export to excel for Tally. User can also create custom reports
  1. Define Salary Structure (based on hierarchy)
  2. Define Additional payments for any member
  3. Manage Staff Details (PAN, bank account, PF)
  4. Manage Staff Expenses (define structure & clearance)
  5. Reporting of Tax Forms, Investment by Staff
  6. Import Recorded working hours from Attendance module for automatic salary calculation
  7. Print Pay slips
  8. SMS & E-mail notifications
  9. Reports: Salary Summary, Salary breakdown, Tax Forms, Expense report etc. User can also make customized reports