Multiuser Task Management Tool in Excel

Multiuser Task Management tool in Excel is a stand-alone application and can be installed on an organization’s internal server. It comes with a central database on SQL installed on the organization server. As the name suggests, it is a useful tool for Project Managers and owners to manage employee specific tasks on a single dashboard.  At the same time, employees can update allotted tasks using individual dashboards so that everybody is instantly notified of the update in the project and the next task in line can be executed fast!

We will provide:

a) Tool with test database (SQL),

b) Installation support on organization local server using skype.

c) One time training on the tool for the administrator / project manager.

Featured highlights:

– Multiple users can access the application simultaneously

– Add / Edit Jobs (done by admin)

– Add / Edit Job Types (for repetitive jobs in an organization)

– Assign TASKS to employee in the organization. Repetitive tasks (daily, monthly, one time) can be assigned to individual employees.

– Main DASHBOARD connected to central database lists the pending tasks for each employee and Job details

– Employee can take action on the Pending Tasks by closing it and/or putting a remark for reference.

– Pre-requisite tasks can be created for each task added (e.g. drawings to be finalized before production can begin and appear in employee pending task list)

– Updates are instantly updated in the central SQL database

For costing of the tool and for any other query, contact This tool can be customized as per your needs too.