We provide following excel services:

  1. Spreadsheet design or re-design.
  2. Pivot tables, graphs and customised formula.
  3. Business Process Automation.
  4. Automation of data processing and analysis.
  5. Reduction of workloads through special formula and macros.
  6. Specialised formula unique to your situation.
  7. Extraction, manipulation and analysis of data from databases and other business systems.
  8. Spreadsheet review and Quality Control check.
  9. Creation of dynamic charts and reports for presentations.
  10. Bespoke spreadsheet design and development using Excel Macros (VBA).
  11. Financial Quantitive Analysis (quants).
  12. Dashboard and KPI report creation.
  13. Excel to PowerPoint and Word integration. Use Excel in PowerPoint with ease.
  14. One-off problem solving.
  15. Integration with ecommerce, website and other data systems.
  16. Inventory systems.
  17. Password recovery and removal.

Unique Services:

Website and Software Prototyping: Websites and softwares take a long time to develop and this makes it difficult for the managers to visualize their frontend and collect feedback on the same. Excelmodelers team provides a unique way to correct this by creating a prototype in excel. Team excels in developing complete backend and frontend experience of your website, desktop software, phone application etc. using VBA and excel. So if you are an entrepreneur who is wondering about how your idea should look like online or a project manager who wants to increase the productivity of their development and design teams contact us. It is a cheaper and very effective method.   Scientific, Statistical and Math Modelling: Excelmodelers team has advanced knowledge of mathematics, statistics and algorithms. So if you have a math or an algorithm challenge with which you have been struggling for long, you can put faith and contact us. Team assures you of the best possible solution to your problem and a unique one.

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